Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Infographic: "Comparing Income, Corporate, Capital Gains Tax Rates: 1916-2011"

On Dec. 23 Megan McArdle gave us a little Christmas present, "Ending the Infographic Plague":
Now that Obama's dog has won the War on Christmas, or something, it's time to get down to a war that really matters: the war on terrible, lying infographics, which have become endemic in the blogosphere, and constantly threaten to break out into epidemic or even pandemic status....MORE
The thrust of her complaint was that most infographics were full of errors or downright falsehoods.
She's right.

And then there's Catharine Mulbrandson. I actually had a couple of her works of art re-tabulated and compared with the original data. Go for the pictures, stay for the facts.
From Visualizing Economics (scroll down):

Due to popular demand, I have updated my 2010 graph on top marginal tax rates. In addition, during this year’s tax season, I will be selling copies of my Top Marginal Tax Rates graph as a tabloid size 11″x17″ poster.
Top Marginal Tax Rates: 1916-2011