Monday, January 30, 2012

"Mark Gongloff moves from WSJ to Huffington Post"

Mark was a friend of our little blog in its earliest days.
Via the Poynter Institute:
MediaWire Memo
Peter Goodman, Huffington Post’s executive business editor, tells staff that Mark Gongloff will become chief financial writer for HuffPost Business. “He is everything we could have asked for: smart, well-sourced, energetic, swift and engaging.” And David Levine is leaving Adweek to become a financial writer for Huffington.

Goodman’s memo:
We are thrilled to announce that we are adding to our ranks the formidable Mark Gongloff, a columnist and blogger at the Wall Street Journal, who will soon become chief financial writer on HuffPost Business. Mark brings immediate, high-impact presence to the crucial work of covering Wall Street and the broader financial world. He is everything we could have asked for: smart, well-sourced, energetic, swift and engaging. His trenchant insights, wry sense of humor, and nose for scoops will now be unleashed across our site in myriad forms — via a morning newsletter, frequent posts throughout the day, and in television spots.

Mark brings a dozen years of experience covering financial markets and the economy, having held prominent positions as a reporter, editor, columnist and blogger — first for CNN/Money and then for the Wall Street Journal. His ground-breaking work exploring the extent of the Fed’s special lending programs to banks during the financial crisis was cited in a congressional investigation. He was part of a team of finalists for the Scripps-Howard award for Web reporting on mortgage delinquencies in 2007. He authored or collaborated on several Page One stories for the Journal, contributed to its “Heard on the Street” column, and wrote both its “Evening Wrap” and “Ahead of the Tape” columns. Since August he has been the lead writer for the Journal’s MarketBeat blog, amassing record traffic....MORE