Friday, December 9, 2011

"FDA Shuts Down DIY Sperm Bank!"

From the Daily News via Reason's Hit&Run blog:
The NY Daily News - the eyes, the ears, the honest voice of New York! - reports on the Food and Drug Administration's pulling the plug on a one-man sperm-donor operation:

Trent Arsenault, 36, says he donates semen to low-income and same-sex couples who face hurdles acquiring it at licensed sperm banks.
"It is helping people in need," the Fremont, California, resident told CBS San Francisco. "I don't make any money, I don't charge people anything. And it's just helping childless couples have children."
The FDA disagrees. In a Cease Manufacturing letter delivered on Nov.
1 of last year, the FDA classified Arsenault's setup as a "firm" that "recovers and distributes semen and therefore is a manufacturer of human cells, tissues and cellular and tissue-based products."
Arsenault says he's fathered 14 kids and the FDA figgers he passed out 328 samples over the years....MORE