Thursday, December 22, 2011

Barclays Capital to Wall Street Journal on Copper Losses: "Nonsense"

Following up on "Barclays Hit With "Immense" Copper Trading Loss; 50 Sigma Move In Cancelled Aluminum Warrants (50-Sigma events don't happen)"

From Bloomberg:

Barclays Says Reports of ‘Big Losses’ in Metals Are ‘Nonsense’

Barclays Capital said reports that it had “big losses” in metals are “nonsense.”
“The reports of big losses are nonsense,” according to a statement e-mailed today by Aurelie Leonard, a spokeswoman in London. “There has been no abnormal trading in the commodities business.”
Also at Bloomberg:
Barclays Metal Losses May Be Accounted For, Mediobanca Says

I liked one of DealBreaker's tags: "shut your mouth when you're talking to me".