Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Missed Opportunity: Price of Chrysanthemums Rises as North Korea Closes China Border

There's a trade born every minute.
From the Wall Street Journal:

North Korea Seals Chinese Border 
Price of Chrysanthemums Rises at Crossing Points as State Workers Are Called Back for Kim's Funeral
North Korea closed its land border with China for trade and visitors and summoned back state workers living on the Chinese side to prepare for the funeral of late leader Kim Jong Il, according to Chinese officials and people in contact with North Koreans.

The blocking of the country's main economic lifeline appears to be a temporary move to allow the government to focus on the funeral on Dec. 28, but it also affords Mr. Kim's son and successor, Kim Jong Eun, a chance to enforce absolute control over his country's borders and citizens....MORE
And From the Wall Street Journal Asia's KoreaRealTime blog:

Investment Opportunities in North Korea?
As North Korea’s government is in transition after the death of leader Kim Jong Il, many wonder whether the country could become more friendly to foreign investment. The WSJ’s Deborah Kan talks to political risk expert Steve Vickers....VIDEO