Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust: "Time runs out for Solar Millennium as it files for insolvency" (FSLR)

That First Solar symbol in the headline isn't gratuitous.
From PV-tech:
Unable to secure closure on a previous deal to sell its solar project pipeline to solarhybrid and investor funding for its planned expansion of its Ibersol parabolic trough power plant project, Solar Millennium has filed for the opening of insolvency proceedings at the district court in Fuerth, Germany. The module supply deal between First Solar and solarhybrid becomes suspect.

Though a previously successful solar technology, the ability to reduce production and construction costs of parabolic trough technology came into question as PV technology pricing has fallen dramatically in the last few years....MORE

Last week it was Solon:
Solar: Another One Bites the Dust