Thursday, December 29, 2011

NatGas: Wilbur Ross is Buying.....(XCO)

After flatlining in the $20-21 range for the first half of the year the stock collapsed, trading recently at $10.00, up 39 cents:
Chart forEXCO Resources Inc. (XCO)

From Insider Monkey:
Wilbur Ross’s Invesco Private Capital (WL Ross & Co) recently reported its insider purchases in Exco Resources Inc. (XCO). The firm bought 363 thousand shares in XCO at between $9.66 and $9.84 on December 21st. WL Ross & Co revealed 27.63 million shares in the stock at the end of September, and 26.78 million shares or 12.5% activist stake on August 31st. XCO is now trading at $9.81. The stock has lost about 49% so far in 2011....MORE
We haven't had much on Mr. Ross in recent months but he is definitely worth paying attention to.
His former niche, financially distressed companies, is to my mind, one of the most dangerous fields in finance, fraught with dangers that can wipe out an investment unless you have examined every detail and anticipated every contingency. I once said that W.L.R. was probably smarter than Warren Buffett.

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