Friday, December 23, 2011

More Wacky Dutch Scientists: "Dutch to send mobile clinics to euthanise people in their own homes"

Let's hope they get the right address.

Earlier we posted on the Dutch scientists who
a) Weaponized bird flu to the point that it could kill half the people in the world.
b) Planned to publish the recipe.
c) Got crabby when told that might not be a good idea.

Here's another group.
From the Daily Mail:
The Dutch government is considering plans to use mobile medical teams which would administer euthanasia to people in their homes.

The units, dubbed 'grim reapers on wheels' by critics, will be called in to kill patients when their own GPs refuse to administer lethal drugs.

The mobile teams of doctors and nurses would be sent out from a clinic following a referral from the patient’s doctor....MORE
I think the Nazi term was Einsatzgruppen.  Huygens is rolling over in his grave.*

*Discovery of Saturn's rings and firt moon, Titan, wave theory of light, invention of pendulum clock, optics, theory of internal combustion engines, first formulation of what became Newton's second law and his masterwork, from my point of view, "On Reasoning in Games of Chance".