Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Japanese firm creates humanoid robot to replace factory workers"

I'm not sure if these folks are ahead of or behind Foxconn, mentioned en passant in this story.*
From The Raw Story:

A humanoid robot called "Nextage," intended to replace or work alongside human factory workers. Image: Screenshot via YouTube.
Japanese firm Kawada Industries is on the leading edge of a growing industry that threatens to become a major disruptive force in the coming years: automated labor.

At a recent robot expo, Kawada showed off Nextage, a human-shaped robotic laborer the company says is intended to “work alongside” people. In actuality, the robot could end up replacing people whose job it is to carry out menial tasks on assembly lines. And at just 1,500 watts of power consumption while it is working — less than some hair dryers — the device or one like it could one day become a compelling alternative to sweat shop labor....MORE
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"Robot lawyers, human cashiers"
...First they came for the Foxconn drones, but I said nothing…