Friday, December 23, 2011

Changes in Latitude, Changes in.....Climate: "Bill Gates Chilling in Australian Mansion Gets Coolest Summer Since 1960"

From Bloomberg:
Bill Gates, the world’s second- richest person, can’t seem to buy a break in the weather during his month-long Australian holiday.

Gates and his family arrived last week in Sydney, Australia’s biggest city, where Bondi Beach attracts some 40,000 sunbathers on weekends this time of year. His arrival during the southern hemisphere’s summer has coincided with the area’s coolest December in more than half a century.

As schools break until late-January and residents flock to the coasts, the city’s typically temperate summer feels more like an extended, soggy spring. The billionaire co-founder of Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) added his voice to a chorus of residents grumbling about the leaden skies, downpours and chilly evenings.

“Wish it was a tiny bit warmer,” Gates told the Sydney Morning Herald after he and his family moved into a Tuscan-style waterfront mansion last week.

The three-level home, costing A$25,000 ($25,425) a week in rent, boasts its own jetty, six bedrooms, a gym and cellar, according to local media reports.

The property is reportedly located in Vaucluse, a wealthy neighborhood in the city’s eastern suburbs which are also home to billionaire James Packer, News Corp. (NWSA) board member Lachlan Murdoch and Westfield Group (WDC) Chairman Frank Lowy.

Gates has maintained a low profile after an initial flurry of interviews with the Australian newspaper, the Herald and Australian Broadcasting Corp.

New Neighbors 
Business owners at the local Vaucluse shopping strip told Bloomberg News today that neither he nor his family had been spotted picking up a newspaper or buying groceries....MORE

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