Thursday, June 11, 2020

Meanwhile In Australia They Are Building Walls

From New Atlas:!/format/webp/quality/90/?
Back in 2015 we looked at an interesting approach to automated construction in the form of a brick-laying robot, capable of putting together full-sized homes in just two days. The engineers behind the Hadrian X have continued making software improvements and have now announced a new record brick-laying speed, which they say makes the robot commercially competitive with manual workers around much of the world.

The Hadrian X robot was created by Australian firm Fastbrick Robotics (FBR) and is named after the UK’s Hadrian Wall. It features a telescopic boom that mounts to an excavator or truck, which is fed a 3D CAD model of a house and goes about placing bricks along with mortar and adhesive to build out the structure....

Still not as cool as 2010's "The brick-road-laying Tiger Stone"!/format/webp/quality/90/?

And neither are as satisfying as the brick double-domino effect:

Here I am being amazed by other things: