Friday, August 22, 2014

"Venezuela plans to fingerprint shoppers to stop food shortages"

Just another day in the Bolivarian Workers Paradise.
From City AM:

Venezuela shortages
Venezuela has been running short of basic goods like toilet paper, 
soap and cooking oil for over a year (Source: Getty)
The President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has announced plans for a major mandatory fingerprinting system to combat the increasingly dire food shortages and rampant smuggling afflicting the Latin American state.

He said the fingerprinting system would be similar to the one the country uses for voting and was intended to stop Venezuelans buying too much of a single item.

The policy was immediately denounced by the opposition who said the measure treated citizens as thieves, breaching their privacy and likened the measure to rationing.

The opposition argues that mandatory fingerprinting is yet another demonstration of the government's failed socialist policies, which has seen essential goods driven from shop shelves, oil production plummet and growth slow to a snail's pace....MORE