Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Is This Alibaba-Like New Startup The Tinder Of Lyfts For The Airbnb Snapchat Uber Dear God Please Click This?"

From Digg:
It may be hard to believe, but this new startup — a mere three weeks old and still unnamed — is already being dubbed “the Tinder Of Lyfts For The Airbnb Snapchat Uber” by tech journalists desperate for page views. What does this mean for the future? We can only pretend — at length — to know, while thanking you profusely for clicking this article.

Having just raised a cool $10 million in series A funding, we can expect this Bustle- or Venmo-competitor to seriously disrupt the cloud, probably. The only thing more remarkable than an unnamed startup getting that much money is how, out of the countless articles on your many dashboards, you ended up here, reading this one. Who even knows what this thing does? Not us.

Early talks indicate a possible acquisition by Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and/or Amazon and really, we couldn’t be more grateful that you’re still reading this. 

While we haven’t gotten our hands on this product yet, let’s just list some other things we think you guys might like: Ezra Klein, Flappy Bird, Joe Biden, the iPhone 6, Twitter, grilled cheese (who doesn’t?). Wow, the SEO on this post just went through the roof! Let’s just toss another one on the heap: the “Internet of things.”...MORE