Friday, August 29, 2014

How's My Driving: Remember the Highflier Collapse in April? (TWTR; FB; TSLA; P; NFLX)

On April 4 we posted "Mind the Gaps: A Lot Of Momentum Stocks A Starting to Look Interesting (NFLX; TWTR; XBI; FB; P)":
We have very little commentary on these names, in large part because we prefer our readers not lose bucketloads of money for reasons we don't understand, partly because of the old saw (attributed variously) about it being better to be thought an idiot than opening one's mouth and removing all doubt and partly because knowing the difference between a tweet, a twit and a tweeting twit seems a waste of what grey matter one has managed to retain.

That said, take a look at these charts....MORE
That was followed by "Barron's Cover: Equities-The Highfliers Are Still Too High":
It's been a week since Friday Apr. 4's "Mind the Gaps: A Lot Of Momentum Stocks A Starting to Look Interesting (NFLX; TWTR; XBI; FB; P)", the results are not going to earn anyone a bonus.
The initial group:

NFLX  337.38 -17.31
TWTR   42.96 -1.09
XBI     132.28 -6.90
FB         57.18 -2.31
P           27.82 -2.03
Only one, Facebook, managed to turn a profit and even FSLR cracked and went into the red.
Not too impressive Mr. analyst guy.
Tesla dipped five bucks under support on Friday before rallying to close at $203.78 and remains the most interesting of the bunch. The rate of descent in the biotechs (XBI and IBB) has slowed but they are still dangerous, tradable for the nimble only.

Also, I have to repeat, we are still in a bull market, although you would be excused for believing otherwise based on the performance of the above group of misfits....MORE
Well, I'm pleased to report things improved, especially over the last few months:
Chart forFirst Solar, Inc. (FSLR)
I should note: we are not nearly as bullish right now, actually looking for another little decline before new highs really kick in.
S&P 500 2001.60; Nasdaq 4574.25.
See also April 10's "One of These is Not Like the Others (FSLR; FB; TSLA; NFLX; IBB; SPY, IXIC)" for more links if interested.