Monday, August 25, 2014

Internet-of-Things: Wearables Show Earthquakes Wake People Up

From recode:
New Wearables Data Reveals Strong Earthquakes Wake People Up
Jawbone has uncovered a new functionality for its Up fitness tracker — earthquake response monitoring system. The company’s data science team collated sleep information across Northern California after an early Sunday morning earthquake to determine what percentage of Up wearers were shaken awake. In Napa, Sonoma and other cities close to the quake’s epicenter, about 93 percent of Up wearers suddenly woke up at 3:20 am when the quake struck, while their counterparts 75 miles away in Santa Cruz continued to sleep peacefully....
Also at recode's Happening Today post:
A Follow-Up Study Called “Quantification of Cheese Bloat and Its Correlation With Pizza Coma Phenomena” Is Also Planned