Monday, August 25, 2014

Journalism: "Fars News proposes joint reporting by Iran, Russia"

Taking on the Anglosphere's journo dominance is probably tougher than it looks, petroleum might be an easier play.
From AL-Monitor:
In a meeting with the Russian ambassador to Iran and a delegation of Russian journalists, the director of Fars News Agency, Seyed Nezamoldin Mousavi, said that the United States is a common threat facing both Russia and Iran and emphasized the need to for media cooperation between the two countries to counter Western influence.

“Iran and Russia have historically shared goals that have had many ups and downs, geographical borders and historical relations which we are all aware of today,” Mousavi said, adding, “Today there is a common threat against independent countries and in this field, and we have to put diplomatic pleasantries aside.”

Mousavi continued, “Today there is one particular power in the name of America, which is a common threat for Iran and Russia. The way America behaves with Iran it also behaves with Russia.”...MORE