Friday, September 15, 2023

"Stranded luxury cruise ship MV Ocean Explorer has been pulled free at high tide in Greenland"

Thus depriving the polar bears of  some succulent Australian nosh.

From the Canadian Broadcasting Company, September 15:

No injuries or environmental pollution after ship ran aground

The luxury cruise ship MV Ocean Explorer was successfully pulled free in Greenland on Thursday, three days after running aground with 206 people on board, authorities and the ship's owner said.

The ship was freed by a fisheries research vessel at high tide, said the cruise ship's owner, Copenhagen-based SunStone Ships and the Arctic Command, which had been co-ordinating the operation.

It was done "based on a pull from the vessel (owned by the Greenland government) and vessel's own power. There have not been any injuries to anybody onboard, no pollution of the environment and no breach of the hull." The name of the Greenland ship was Tarajoq and it belongs to the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, a government agency.

The ship's owner added that "the vessel and its passengers will now be positioned to a port where the vessel's bottom damages can be assessed, and the passengers will be taken to a port from which they can be flown back home." There was no immediate comment from the tour company that organized the trip, Australia-based Aurora Expeditions.

The cruise ship ran aground above the Arctic Circle on Monday in Alpefjord, which is in the Northeast Greenland National Park, the world's northernmost national park. The park is nearly the size of France and Spain combined, and approximately 80 per cent is permanently covered by an ice sheet. Alpefjord sits about 240 kilometers away from the closest settlement, Ittoqqortoormiit, which itself is nearly 1,400 kilometers from the country's capital, Nuuk.....


Maybe, if the sea ices up early (and it might this year), the bears can walk over to visit their cousins on Svalbard and bother some Norwegians.

Svalbard is the archipelago off to the right of Greenland.


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