Monday, May 9, 2016

If You See Something, Maybe Don't Say Something: Economist Edition

From The Economist's Buttonwood's Notebook:

Ten ways to tell you might be sitting next to an economist 
AN academic economist was taken off a plane last week after a fellow passenger became suspicious. 
He was feverishly scribbling what she thought was "terrorist code" or foreign lettering into a notebook.  It turned out that Guido Menzio, an Italian economist from the the University of Pennsylvania, was working on some differential equations for a model on menu costs and price dispersion. Thankfully, Mr Menzio was allowed back on his flight. But passengers can't be too careful. Here are ten ways to tell you might be sitting next to an economist; police have also released pictures of two prime suspects (see above).

1. He refuses to listen to the safety announcement because "in the long run, we're all dead"

2. He keeps telling you that "there is no such thing" as a "complimentary refreshment service"

3. He avoids prolonged conversation with you because he has a "rational expectation" that you're an idiot since you chose the middle seat

4. But he offers to trade his aisle seat for yours in a competitive auction with the woman sitting behind you

5. He plonks his elbow on the arm rest because space has a "higher marginal utility" for him than for you...