Monday, January 11, 2016

"World's Largest Blue Star Sapphire Found..."

This thing is ridiculously big.
From Forbes:

The largest blue star sapphire ever discovered (Credit:
The largest blue star sapphire ever discovered (Credit:
The world’s biggest blue star sapphire was recently found in a Sri Lankan mine, weighing an astonishing 1,404 carats. The owner, who remains anonymous, of the rare sapphire has valued the gem at over $300 million. Reports indicate that the sapphire was found in Ratnapura nearby Sri Lanka in the fall of 2015 and just recently surfaced in the international community. 
The recent find could not have come at a better time, on the heels of a surge in sapphire demand worldwide compared to diamond demand for engagement rings. This demand is largely due to Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, originally given to Princess Diana. The 12-carat oval Ceylon blue sapphire has reignited demand for sapphires, a gem Sri Lanka is known for. 
Blue star sapphires appear opaque under normal circumstances, however, when placed under a light it will exhibit a six-pointed star. The undisclosed buyer named the gem The Star of Adam after a Muslim belief that Adam went to Sri Lanka after he was sent away from the Garden of Eden....MORE