Thursday, January 7, 2016

"The Five Surprising Downtrending Dow Jones Stocks at Fresh New 52 Week Lows" (AAPL; GS)

Following up on Wednesday's "Apple Has 20% Downside (AAPL)".
Additionally, it is not good when the financials lead the way down. What is up with Goldman?

From Afraid to Trade:
Are you ready to be surprised?
Five leading, well-known stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (30 stocks) are near or just broke to fresh new 52-week lows in ongoing downtrends.

Simply stated, these stocks should be avoided.

Let’s chart these names, two of which may be very surprising to you:

 Collectively, these are the five “weakest” stocks in the Dow given their ongoing downtrends (lower lows and lower highs) along with the new 52-week lows achieved....

Apple closed down 4.22% at $96.45 after a couple heroic, high-volume attempts to hold above $100 on Wednesday.
Goldman was off 3.08% at $164.76.