Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Amazing Brilliant Maps: The Land Bridge Between India and Sri Lanka; Who's Where In Syria; Travel Times in 1914

HT up front to the Amazing Lileks, this time from his corporate blog. Some of the stuff we've pilfered from his  personal blog after the jump.

From Brilliant Maps:

Adam’s Bridge Between India and Sri Lanka Before 1480

The map above shows what Adam’s Bridge (aka Rama’s Bridge or Ram Setu) in the Palk Strait might have looked like prior to 1480 when it connected India and Sri Lanka. 
In 1480 a cyclone supposedly deepened the channels between India and Sri Lanka, rendering it impassible by foot. However, today some sections are still only between 1 and 10 meters (3 and 30 feet deep) as can be seen in this photo from NASA’s Landsat 7 satellite:...MORE
Another controversy is whether the original Adam’s bridge was man-made or not. The Indian government maintains that, “if Lord Rama constructed Ram Setu, he had also destroyed it.”
But of course, Perfect Man and all.

Travel Times From London in 2016 vs 1914
The brilliant isochrone world map above shows how long it takes to get from London to any other point in the world in 2016.
It was created by the team at Rome2rio, who specialise in helping people get anywhere on earth, and is an update to the famous 1914 map by cartographer and geographer John George Bartholomew (see below)
(click to enlarge)
The Situation in Syria
While the Jackson Pollock style map of The Situation in Syria above is obviously not meant to be taken literally, it does a illustrates just how chaotic the situation remains. 
For a more accurate idea of the current situation, have a look at the interactive map below:

Again, Brilliant Maps.

And from Clicking On Clickbait WILL Lower Your IQ:

...HT: The Amazing Lileks who wrote:
If there was some clickbait that said clickbait reduces your IQ by 7 points, I’d click on it....

Previously from Lileks:

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We've linked to James Lileks' personal blog, The Bleat, a few times:
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and I end up using pedestrian words such as amazing and incomparable to describe his output.

Today I discover he has a day job (blogging) at the Minneapolis (Minnesota) StarTribune where his Lileks@Lunch for Thursday directs us to:
...TRAVEL TIPS From Michael Totten, freelance globe-trotter:

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(he appears to prefer Cleese to Morgan)

Mr. Lileks' personal blog, The Bleat.