Tuesday, January 19, 2016

So These Eight ISIS Wives Walk Into Raqqa HQ and Lift Their Burkas...

Gotta be the feel good story of the week.
On so many levels.
From The Sun:

Burka-clad SAS soldiers take out ISIS kingpin in daring Syria mission
They hid assault weapons, grenades and ammunition under their clothes
A CRACK team of commandos disguised themselves by wearing burkas for a daring attack on an Islamic State base. 
The SAS squad wore the female Islamic clothing to pose as the wives of terror chiefs, get through an ISIS-held town and target a senior ISIS commander. 
Under the black, ankle length gowns the team of eight hid assault weapons, grenades and ammunition to take out terrorists. 
Once they had found the target house they sent the location and co-ordinates to a US Air Force plane which was circling thousands of feet above. 
A US Reaper drone was scrambled to fire a Hellfire missile into the building, killing the ISIS kingpin and several other jihadis. 
The Daily Star on Sunday reports this missile strike blew the SAS team’s cover.
A source said: “Just as the British soldiers were getting back into a minivan several gunmen ordered them to stop. 
“The troopers ignored the warnings and were about to drive off when the jihadis opened fire.
“The SAS jumped out of the vehicle, lifted up their burkas and opened fire. It must have been a massive shock to the gunmen....MORE
The Daily Star headline is 'Frock and Awe'.
The Express has more details presented in the manner only the Express can.