Monday, January 18, 2016

Major British Insurance Companies To Plan For Future Driverless Cars

A bit late out of the blocks.
As we saw in a borderline incoherent post* from last October some industry types were on top of the issue a couple years ago:
At the 2014 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting Warren Buffett said:
“That is a real threat to the auto insurance industry”.
“If [self-driving cars] prove successful and reduce accidents dramatically, it will be very good for society and very bad for auto insurers.”
Today's story from City A.M.:
Some of Britain's largest motor insurers, including Direct Line, Aviva and Admiral, have banded together to plan for a future when driverless cars are the norm.

The Automated Driving Insurance Group, which will be led by trade body the Association of British Insurers (ABI), is assessing the insurance implications of the rise of driverless technology.

The group will examine how the industry as a whole should insure driverless vehicles, and will contribute to government discussions on regulation.

A spokesperson for the ABI told City A.M.: "Insurers are looking at the issues raised by the rising popularity of driverless cars, namely the issue of liability in driverless cars." ...MORE
*Apparently anticipating the topic of the post immediately below, "Grrrrrrr", on the advantages of non-verbal vocalizations, I headlined that October 20, 2015 piece "Arrrgh, I Was Going To Title This 'Neener, Neener, The Really Big Item Izabella Kaminska Forgot In Her Autonomous Taxi Post'"

The post pretty much went downhill from there, the only saving grace being the linked Alphaville piece that garnered 76 comments on a rather pedestrian [!?] subject.
And maybe the cat video.