Monday, January 18, 2016

JP Morgan Looks At The World, Sounds Damn Near Despondent

From FT Alphaville:

Giving up
Some bullet points from JP Morgan’s Flows & Liquidity team to start the week.
Signs of capitulation, as they put it, in the face of a slowing China, the CNY and its “depaluation”, the Fed, a liquidity vacuum etc:
 Retail investors were heavy sellers of equity funds for two consecutive weeks on extreme pessimism.

 The AAII Survey Bull-Bear gap declined further this week to well below last August’s low.

 ETFs, which are all reporting their flows daily and allow for better comparison across time, saw heavier selling over the past two weeks relative to last August.

 Although the equity betas of the institutional investors we track experienced a more modest change relative to last August, they currently stand at levels that are overall not far from those seen last September, before the October rebound....MORE