Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Equities: Simply Craptastic

Following up on this morning's "Equities: "Being fluent at swearing is a sign of healthy verbal ability"", I hope we gave enough of a heads-up. The charts basically run a monotonic top left to bottom right for all exchanges.

S&P 1890.28, down 48.40; DJIA 16,151.41 down 364.81.

Just a quick look at some datapoints Between the Hedges usually puts together going into the close:

Stocks Reversing Substantially Lower into Final Hour on Global Growth Fears, Rising Eurozone/Emerging Markets/US High-Yield Debt Angst, Oil Decline, Road & Rail/Biotech Sector Weakness
Broad Equity Market Tone:
  • Advance/Decline Line: Substantially Lower
  • Sector Performance: Every Sector Declining
  • Volume: Above Average
  • Market Leading Stocks: Underperforming
Equity Investor Angst:
  • Volatility(VIX) 25.50 +12.91%
  • Euro/Yen Carry Return Index 133.93 +.33%
  • Emerging Markets Currency Volatility(VXY) 11.51 -4.08%
  • S&P 500 Implied Correlation 64.03 +4.56%.....
Overseas Futures:
  • Nikkei 225 Futures: Indicating -456 open in Japan 
  • China A50 Futures: Indicating -285 open in China
  • DAX Futures: Indicating -182 open in Germany