Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"Crude Curve Collapses - Market Sees Sub-$50 Oil Through 2021"

The curve was brought to my attention yesterday in reference to some of Andrew Hall's disastrous bets which are focused on the out years of the curve.

However even at the extreme front end of the curve the perspicacious observer will note that although the months 1-5 cash-and-carry contango trade is steeper than at the August and October snapshots, it is not nearly as profitable as nine months ago.

From ZeroHedge:
The crude curve has just collapsed, especially since the rebound after China’s Golden Week reprieve ended around October 15. As Alhambra's Jeff Snider notes, the entire futures curve is under $50, an upsetting commentary on everything from US "demand" to long-term implications and especially those that are derived from economists’ somehow continued insistence that this is all just "transitory."

Transitory just died.