Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Class Act: Nvidia Will Be The Brains Of Your Autonomous Car (NVDA)

This is one of the very few individual names you'll see us touting out in public on the blog.
As it turned out, in 2015 NVDA was the fourth best performing stock in the S&P 500.
Sometimes you get lucky.
$32.37 Monday close, $36.24 all-time high, August 2007.

From Barron's Tech Trader Daily:

Nvidia: The A.I. Race Is on to Make Super Cars

Monday evening, graphics pioneers Nvidia (NVDA) held their press conference for the Consumer Electronics Show at the Four Seasons hotel in Las Vegas, getting a jump on the main press day, Tuesday, as the company traditionally does.

Chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang appeared onstage and immediately launches into a discussion of cars.

The company had a year ago at the show unveiled a self-driving car computer, he said. He reminds the audience that “hand coding” would not suffice, and that “deep learning” would have to take over, assisted by real-time computation. That’s super-computing technology, he says. “Several thousand man years of effort have gone into andvancing the state of self-driving cars this last year.”

Hence, the new “PX2,” with a new set of instructions tuned for deep learning, using a “16-nanometer FinFet” semiconductor process. Huang compared it’s processing capacity to 150 of Apple‘s MacBook Pro computer (which happens to use chips from Nvidia competitor Advanced Micro Devices), or $300,000 worth of computing “in something the size of a lunchbox.”
Huang eclaborated on what he called the self-driving revolution, in which “the human is the most unreliable part.”

Huang said there would be benefits beyond avoiding accidents, including allowing people who don’t drive to ride, and leading to a re-landscaping of communities, with more parks, for one thing.
Huang said the computing capability would be “far greater than anything available today.”

He spoke of a self-driving loop,” starting from knowing where you are, to finding a path around all the objects around one, and continuing to do so one constant basis. “It turns out this is hard to do,” said Huang.

He said “highway driving is relatively easy,” even though some problems haven’t been solved, including an accident with a truck on the road.

The Industry has to solve city driving, he said.

“You have to perceive all different types of cars, all different types of people, all different types of pedestrians.”...MUCH MORE

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