Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ah, There It Is: Turkey Tells Germany What The Next Move Will Be

A week ago we queried, in "EU’s Turkey Deal Isn’t Stopping Refugee Flow":
Chancellor Merkel got played.
Erdoğan said €3 billion and accelerated accession to the EU, as the opening bid.
Now that he has the cards and knows he's playing against amateurs, you have to wonder what the rebid is going to be.
Yesterday from Sputnik:

Turkey Urges Germany to Beef Up Military Involvement in Syria 
Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek has called for greater military involvement of Germany's armed forces in Syria. Otherwise, the influx of refugees to Europe could become even worse than before, the politician told German newspaper Die Welt....MORE
But thanks for the  €3 billion.
Simsek had to have been watching old American mobster movies, "Nice little country ya got there, Chancellor, be a shame if anything happened to it"

As always, remember Sputnik probably has an agenda but that doesn't mean Turkey isn't going to shake-down the EU for everything they can get.

Meanwhile, Turkey's Zaman Newspaper is reporting:.

Ankara mayor calls on US envoy Bass to ‘return home’ due to his support for academics
...“You are trying to make an enemy [of Turkey]. At least you should learn to be quiet. Please don't poison Turkish and American relations… Mr. Bass you're a wrong choice for the US in Turkey. I would say for you to return to your country. Let a new US envoy, who knows about us, be sent here,” wrote Gökçek in a series of tweets on Friday....
Bass might be a bit of a goofball but he's our goofball and a career diplomat rather than a political hack so maybe Mayor Gökçek is acting just a bit too big for his mayor pants. 
As is Erdoğan, who's now raised the ire of Chomsky over the same issue.
Either the U.S. or Turkey should get out of NATO, it doesn't much matter to me which it is, and let Europe deal on its own with the obviously adversarial Turks.