Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Zeitgeist Maven Peyton Manning Bought 21 Denver-area Papa John Pizza Parlors Two Weeks Before Colorado Legalized Marijuana

Thanks (I think) to a reader.
From  Yahoo Sports:

Peyton Manning (r.) gets hooked on the taste of success. (AP)
If you've watched any NFL football games this season — and since you're reading this blog, we'll assume that you have — you have undoubtedly seen Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning starring in a new commercial for Papa John's pizza, appearing alongside CEO and founder John Schnatter and promising 2 million free pizzas to fans who win weekly drawings.

Manning teases the viewer at the end of the spot by saying "Wait'll you see what's next." On Friday morning, we may have received a glimpse of what's next as Papa John's announced that Manning will become the chain's newest franchisee, opening 21 locations in the Denver area, the Associated Press reports....MORE