Thursday, November 8, 2012

"The School of Athens": Apparently Raphael, Not Naismith, is the Father of Basketball

What, at first glance, is a gathering of Greek philosophers:

1: Zeno of Citium 2: Epicurus 3: unknown[14] 4: Boethius or Anaximander or Empedocles? 5: Averroes 6: Pythagoras 7: Alcibiades or Alexander the Great? 8: Antisthenes or Xenophon or Timon? 9: Uncertain,[14][15] Fornarina as a personification of Love[16] or Francesco Maria della Rovere? 10: Aeschines or Xenophon? 11: Parmenides? 12: Socrates 13: Heraclitus (Michelangelo) 14: Plato (Leonardo da Vinci) 15: Aristotle 16: Diogenes 17: Plotinus (Donatello?) 18: Euclid or Archimedes with students (Bramante?) 19: Zoroaster 20: Ptolemy? R: Apelles (Raphael) 21: Protogenes (Il Sodoma, Perugino, or Timoteo Viti)[17]

Is, in actuality, the first known depiction of trash talkin' hoops one-upsmanship:
Aristotle:     "I'm gonna own you''.
Plato:            ''Yeah, check this out, biatch!''.
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