Thursday, November 15, 2012

Help!!! I am Trapped in a Mind-Meld With George Soros (AGCO, CF; WMT)

Soros Fund Management filed their quarterly 13F with the SEC yesterday. The most noteworthy change was a half-billion dollar bet on AIG, an issue we still have issues with. The stock is down 18% since the start of the 4th quarter.

Among the names we've looked at, the large positions are: fertilizer represented by $171 mill worth of  CF, farmland-a bit over a quarter-billion worth of  Adecoagro (trading substantially below Soros' basis), and 10.5 million shares of GE. Oh, and Walmart, $183 million worth.

The family office also has some big tech bets that have been bruised by the downturn in the Nasdaq.
Despite the "bubble" talk earlier this year he's got a pretty big position in the ETF.

Oops. I forgot Westport Innovations, $249,048,000.