Friday, November 9, 2012

"Chuck Schumer Thinks the Deficit Should Pay for Sandy Damage"

Next I suppose he'll be saying the rest of the country should bail out the New York, California and Illinois public employee pension plans.

From Reason's Hit&Run blog:
There's gold in that thar deficit. At least, that seems to be the attitude of Senator Charles Schumer, who thinks the tab for the damage left by Hurricane Sandy should be picked up by the federal government and charged to the deficit, that extraordinary treasure chest of boundless wealth. According to the New York Daily News:
Sen. Charles Schumer called the fallout from Hurricane Sandy a “national disaster” and called on a federal government to cover at least 90% of the costs.
“This is one of the biggest disasters to have ever struck this state and even this country,” Schumer said at an afternoon briefing with Gov. Cuomo. “The federal response has to measure that scope and be equal to that that scope.”
“We cannot cut corners. We cannot count nickels and dimes. This isn’t a New York disaster, a Connecticut disaster, a Jersey disaster. It is national disaster. It needs to be treated that way by every member of Congress, by all the members of the executive branch.”...MORE