Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Bill Gross Fed Up With the Election, the Parties, the PACs, and QE"

From MarketBeat:
Bill Gross is pretty angry.

The Bond King’s latest missive, coming just ahead of next week’s election, is an angry screed, in which he lashes out at the two-party system, political action committees, and quantitative easing, all the while bemoaning what has become the new normal state of the economy.

“Our two-party system continues to play ping pong with the American people, and the electorate is that white little ball going back and forth over the net,” he says, and given the tone of this investment letter, you can bet – unlike Mike Bloomberg, The Economist, or the New York Post - that he won’t be endorsing either President Obama or Mitt Romney.

Beneath the anger about the electoral system, and a running, and odd, reference to Flavor Flav, Gross gets to what’s really bugging him: financial repression and quantitative easing....MORE
Important note: 
Despite the uncanny resemblance, the person in the video above is not a fund manager based in Newport Beach, or anywhere else for that matter.