Monday, November 12, 2012

As the Class Action Attorneys Circle Jefferies, Alphaville Gives Us the Big Picture (LUK; JEF)

Where to begin?
Law Firm Brower Piven Announces Investigation of Jefferies Group, Inc.
Harwood Feffer LLP Announces Investigation of Jefferies Group Inc
Jefferies Group Investor Alert: Briscoe Law Firm and Powers Taylor, LLP Investigate Merger with Leuc

Apparently the Briscoe firm was so eager to hit the wire that they didn't have time to complete the name of the acquirer.

Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Announces Investigation into Possible Breaches of Jefferies Group Inc
Hmmm....Breaches of Jeffries Group?

Earlier today, for no reason other than serendipity we posted:
"Plaintiffs' lawyers move nuisance M&A litigation from the pre-merger stage to the post-merger stage"
which contained one of the great comments on the state of the law:
...increasingly, plaintiffs’ lawyers have “refined their business model”...
I almost lost it.
Fortunately FT Alphaville came to my emotional rescue:

The growth of M&A litigation
You know the script here. X company announces that it is acquiring Y; a few days later news of a class action law suit ticks across the wires, typically alleging the directors have failed in their fiduciary duties in some manner; thereafter, silence…

Research by Robert Daines and Olga Koumrian at Cornerstone suggests that such litigation has become the norm since the onset of the financial crisis.

What’s more, individual M&A deals now tend to attract multiple litigants, irrespective of deal size…

But to what end? We’re not quite sure....MORE