Monday, January 2, 2012

Department of Homeland Security Monitoring Blogs, Twitter For These Words:

Happy New Year!
From Gawker:
Attract Government Spies By Tweeting These Words
The Department of Homeland Security makes fake users on Twitter and Facebook with which to follow suspicious people.

But what if you're not shifty enough to get your own government e-stalker?

No problem: Just tweet "My cow collapsed, and now there's a human to animal infection outbreak among illegal immigrants."

That should bring heaps of DHS scrutiny, judging from a fresh lawsuit seeking access to the agency's data. In the suit, the privacy advocates at Electronic Privacy Information Center said DHS is monitoring social networks, blogs and message boards for users saying terms like "human to animal," "collapse," "infection," "outbreak," and "illegal immigrants." If you use these words and phrases, the government might follow you, record your activity, and share information about you with local, state, federal, and foreign governments....MORE
Human to animal?


"Code red: Department of Homeland Security warns of deadly threat ..."

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