Monday, November 7, 2011

"What are the Prospects for the Euro?" Astro-Econ Style


"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."
Julius Caesar (I, ii, 140-141)
From the Astrological Association of Great Britain:
...Early November 2011, Saturn makes the first of three trines to its natal position, 23Aq38, near the descendant. Recent news suggests that by then a major fund to support the Euro will be agreed. The second and third trines occur on 23rd May and 28th July 2012—either side of Saturn’s direct station on 25th June 2012.  Then we will see if the funding was adequate or more is needed.  The EU natal Moon is at 24Ta19 in the 10th squared to natal Saturn. So, the Saturn transit points to increasing strains on the EU’s position in the world. Pressure can only intensify into the summer of the New Year. By May to July any attempt to avoid reality will have dire consequences. With Saturn then transiting the EU’s Scorpio 4th house stellium (see above), it is essential to take the necessary steps to rationalise EU finances and ways of doing business right away.

What are the Prospects for the Euro?
“At 12.05 am on 1 January 1999, Stephen Perry, CFO at VISA International and author of CIMA Publishing's Topical Issues title European Monetary Union, paid for a bottle of champagne, priced 63.91 euro, with his VISA card at the Kempinski Hotel in Gravenbruch, near Frankfurt”.  This was on the New Year’s Day bank holiday and a Friday. So the transaction would not have been processed until trading commenced fully on Monday 4th.  The chart for that market opening date may be more appropriate to use.

In the period between Mr Perry’s celebratory purchase and  the Monday market opening, Mars had moved from just past a square to the EU’s Uranus/Neptune conjunction to almost the exact degree and minute of the EU’s Venus; clearly a major, but dangerously speculative step  was being taken. Facing the nature and consequences of the risk was not to occur for some time.

Now in September/October 2011 with transiting Saturn in Libra at that very EU natal Venus/Euro natal Mars point, consequences are beginning to be faced. Although it moves on quickly and does not retrograde back to the Euro Mars/EU Venus point, Saturn does move backward and forward across the Euro’s progressed Mars in 25 Libra and its natal Jupiter in 27 degrees Libra; all nearly exactly squared to progressed Sun in Capricorn. The full impact of the transit does not complete until the second week of September 2012....MORE
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Is The Financial Crisis Making You Psychic?

Psychic News Network: Trading Emissions PLC in Bid for Econergy (TRE.L; ECG.L)

Here at PNN we believe...
Still a few kinks in the system. We have to adjust the crystal ball to spot the potential target, not
the bidder. 
"Moonstruck: Lunar Cycle Says Expect Market Rally"
...“Under these conditions,” he continued, “the cerebral cortex cedes much behavioral control to the primitive basal ganglia—wherein neural voltages matter more than earnings and interest rates.”...MORE
Roger that, roving ganglia gangsta gangs ganging up on cortex, over.

You'll notice he uses his middle name. 
That's so you don't confuse him with the charlatan Paul Montgomery.
S.E.C. Charges Psychic With Securities Fraud"
Should have seen it coming.

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