Tuesday, November 22, 2011

About That Latest Dump of Climate Emails

Some are calling it Climategate 2.0.
Not Joe Romm though.
For years the climate community has managed to release papers just prior to the big shindigs, often getting just the abstracts to the media with the full papers to follow in the journals.
This year, in the run up to next month's COP17 in Durban has been no different.

The email leaker/hacker seems familiar with this tactic, having distributed the first batch two years and two days ago, immediately prior to the big Copenhagen Climate Confab.

Here is the second batch:

FOIA2011.zip file (173 MB), a verified copy of the original file via Megaupload

FOIA2011.zip file (41 MB): without all.7z (some users can't get to this Skydrive)

Mails only (merged to a single big 66 MB unpacked text file; Google Docs)

FOIA2011.zip file (173 MB): original complete file on a Russian server, was taken down
I'm leery about linking to some of the websites, if you're interested in this stuff you are smart enough to figure out a keyword search.