Sunday, November 27, 2011

Russian Carrier, Israeli Military in Joint Exercises This Week Off Cyprus

The hell you say.
Russian navy nears Cyprus drilling zone

THE “Admiral Kuznetsov” class aircraft carrier is currently off the coast of Malta and heading for eastern Mediterranean from their base in the Barents Sea.

Informed sources have said that the Russian navy and Israeli military will hold joint exercises next week close to Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone.

The exercises are slated to begin on the 28th November and last a week.
Commentators say that Russia is determined to send the message that they have invested interests in the region and will secure them.

It is understood that the aircraft carrier is carrying 24-fixed wing planes and a number of helicopters. It has also been reported in the press that the Russian navy may request to use port facilities at Limassol....MORE
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(This piece leaves me speechless…. Are the Russians actually IN on the plan to weaken Iran and just playing the good cop? – JW)