Friday, July 8, 2011

"Moonstruck: Lunar Cycle Says Expect Market Rally"

From CNBC:
If the moon is looking especially full lately, it could be because the celestial body is pointing toward heavenly things for the stock market.

At least that’s the opinion of one market pro who for 40 years has been following the moon and its various progressions as one method to chart the future for investors. 

“For months the best indicator by far has been moon phases,” says Paul Macrae Montgomery, publisher of the Universal Economics newsletter and a leading authority in the small but apparently profitable field of stock market/moon cycles research. He uses lunar cycles as one of a slew of indicators to trigger near-term buy and sell signals. 

The reason why the stock market has had such a strong lunar connection is that emotions are running high now for investors, who have been rocked over the past several months by a series of domestic and geopolitical shocks. 

In such cases, Montgomery argues, the moon can be a very strong predictor for how investors will behave and thus how they will move the markets. 

“Those non-skeptics who readily embrace lunar cycles must realize that this phenomenon has been working so precisely lately only because there currently is an unprecedented amount of fear and uncertainty with respect to the world’s investment markets,” he wrote recently in his newsletter. 

“Under these conditions,” he continued, “the cerebral cortex cedes much behavioral control to the primitive basal ganglia—wherein neural voltages matter more than earnings and interest rates.”...MORE
Roger that, roving ganglia gangsta gangs ganging up on cortex, over.

You'll notice he uses his middle name. 
That's so you don't confuse him with the charlatan Paul Montgomery.

Sheesh, the guy can't even talk the talk. Here's my man Merriman:
Short-Term Geocosmics
The solar eclipse on Friday, July 1, was right in the middle of the Sun's translation to Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, forming a grand square in early cardinal signs. Stock markets around the world rallied sharply into this eclipse and solar translation period, while precious metals and U.S. Treasuries fell sharply. Now we watch to see if this grand square will correlate with reversals into the opposite direction of these past few days. Just as the Sun in the nurturing and patriotic sign of Cancer completes its grand square to these heavy outer planets on July 2, Venus will enter the same family and parental-oriented sign of Cancer on July 3 and form the same cardinal grand square to the same revolutionary-versus-traditional-minded far out planets in our solar system, July 7-13. In a perfectly balanced and interconnected relationship between the cosmic and human activity as suggested by Saturn in Libra, one would anticipate an opposite reaction under the Venus translation transit as witnessed under the solar transit. But Uranus is involved, which tends to not go along with such obvious expectations. Instead of reversals, Uranus-inspired planetary patterns are oftentimes breakouts, like mavericks, in the direction of the new movement. Cycle studies could support that bullish viewpoint too since we are in the time band for the 50-week cycle trough. That is, the week ending June 17 was 50 weeks since the 50-week cycle low of July 2, 2010. And the lowest price since early May's three-year high occurred then on the lunar eclipse of June 15. Of course, in a perfectly interconnected "Saturn-in-Libra balanced cosmic scale, that too would suggest a peak in prices forming right now, under the solar eclipse, in direct opposition to the possibly longer-term cycle trough that formed on the lunar eclipse two weeks ago. As Financial Astrologers, we are expected (perhaps unrealistically) to know what will happen, or at least have an opinion, which we all do. But like Ben Bernanke stated last year at this same time, just as the 50-week cycle low was forming and only a few days before his (the Fed's) decision to commence the second round of quantitative easing by purchasing $600B of U.S. Treasuries through June 30, 2011, the indicators right now are very mixed and "unusually uncertain." The signals generated by Financial Astrology would argue for a top and reversal back down, sans Uranus. The technical and cyclical picture, however, may be read as extremely bullish, especially given that first the Sun between June 21 and July 2, and then Venus July 3-13 traverse through the early degrees of Cancer, right over the USA's three benefics: Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun. And if the "Great Asset Reset" is now beginning, where investors move their monies from U.S. government-backed securities, notes, and bonds at 3% or less return, for the more attractive returns offered on high quality corporate bonds of financially stable private sector firms, the foundation could be set for another run on the stock market into late 2011 through early 2012, when Jupiter returns to the Aries-Taurus cusp where highs tend to happen nearby. Money has to move somewhere, and there is still a lot of it floating around with restless Uranus in Aries and its never-ending quest for.…. profits.
Know what I'm sayin'?