Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Want solar in your state? Offer 65 cents per kilowatt hour."

In June 2007 we posted "free money" for Oregon business owners who invest in solar.:
That headline is a quote, I couldn't make it up. This either: In many cases, the incentives and credits paid end up being more than the actual cost of the system.
Alrighty then, time to hit the Oregon Trail....
That was followed by "Oregon exceptionally generous with green-energy subsidies" in January 2009.
Here's the latest, from Greentech:

Oregon’s Feed-In Tariff Sells out in 15 Minutes
The bidding ended quickly.
Oregon began accepting applications for solar projects for the first phase of a feed-in tariff program today. Within 15 minutes, the program was full. 75 projects succeeded in winning contracts according to the Statesman Journal and other papers.
The speed in part has to do with the incentives offered in the first round. Solar installers under this phase can get 65 cents a kilowatt hour for power delivered to the grid via solar panels for 15 years...MORE
Those are some of the highest numbers in the world.