Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Siemens Wants To Be Number One In Solar Thermal" (SI; GE)

A completely different approach from GE's.*
From Techpulse 360:
The German conglomerate with 18 billion Euros in sales so far this year says its goal is to be the world’s leading solar-thermal company, toping companies such as BrightSource, eSolar and SolarReserve.
It didn’t say by when. But it claims its decision in May to buy 45 percent of Archimede Solar Energy and its purchase of Solel last year give it a broader portfolio of products than competitors.
With recent acquistions, Siemens claims its has 70 percent of the components and systems the new generation of solar thermal plants need.

Archimede is a joint venture between Siemens and Angelantoni Industries and makes solar receivers for concentrating solar. Output is to 75,000 receivers by 2011. Siemens had 28 percent of the venture before increasing it to 45 percent.
The German giant bought Solel Solar of Israel in October, paying $418 million. Solel develops plants and manufactures equipment.

On a conference call this week, Rene Umlauft, head of the Siemens’ renewable energy division, said the acquisitions give Siemens 70 percent of the components and systems necessary for solar thermal plants.
“We have the power blocks,” says Umlauft.
The company is now promising lower costs – as a new generation of more efficient plants begins to take root in the American Southwest, northern Africa and Australia. The plants use mirrors to reflect sunlight and boil liquids, often in concentrators or receivers on the tops of tall towers. The super hot liquids turn turbines to create electricity....MORE

*GE had been in silicon photovoltaic but sold the plant to Taiwan-based Motech in December. They are now focused on Cadmium Telluride in a big way, even as First Solar heads toward CIGS:
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