Monday, July 12, 2010

Paul Krugman Wants You to Die; Germans Consider him Unbalanced, wish he'd change name.

Okay, I added the name-change bit.*
MarketWatch's David Marsh has a column up today, "Commentary: German policy-makers cast jaundiced eye on Obama" that has this hysterical paragraph:
...Officials close to Schaeuble report with satisfaction that rumours of his health-related resignation that swept the German press earlier this year during the height of euro worries have now completely subsided. And there is considerable disdain for the rhetoric of President Obama and his advisers regarding Germany's export-orientated economic progress. Particular derision is reserved for the rhetoric of Nobel prize-winner Paul Krugman, who with his recent diatribes against an allegedly inflationary bias in German policies is widely regarded in Berlin as somewhat imbalanced....
Meanwhile, The Market Ticker has a headline, "Krugman Tells Seniors (and Businesses) To Die".
I may laugh myself into a stroke.

*It just sounds German.
In Search of a Man Selling Krug
Stephen Colbert asked tonight on Twitter, "what exactly did paul krugman's ancestors do? sell krug?" I figured I'd check some records and see if I could answer Stephen's question.

Paul Krugman was born "of poor Russian-immigrant stock [and] raised in a small suburban house on middle-class Long Island" by parents David (who worked in insurance) and Anita Krugman. Stephen Morse's one-step birthday finder places David's date of birth in 1924, which puts him in range of the 1930 census. There is only one David Krugman, born about 1924, to be found in the census, the son of Bennie and Fannie Krugman of Brooklyn, New York. Bennie worked, not with "krug," but with "Cotton Goods.">>>MORE at Genealogy Wise
Besides, Krug is French since at least 1843, (this beauty will set you back $5699.99)