Thursday, July 1, 2010

Media Critique: "Is al Qaeda's new English-language magazine any good?"

Why do they hate trees?
From Foreign Policy's Passport blog:
Answer: no. It is terrible. But perhaps there are some idiots out there who will find it appealing.
According to the Daily Beast's Lloyd Grove, the U.S. government is apparently "deeply concerned" that the magazine, called Inspire, will spread al Qaeda's message to susceptible audiences in the West. Grove quotes an anonymous counterterrorism official saying, "The packaging of this magazine may be slick, but the contents are as vile as the authors."

Actually, no -- the packaging is not slick at all. It's very "I played around with Microsoft Publisher for a few hours."

Marc Ambinder gots his paws on a copy of the first issue, and it's as ridiculous as you might imagine. One article, by someone named "the AQ chef," is called "Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.">>>MORE