Monday, August 4, 2008

Six Alt-Energy Stocks That Could Go to Zero (AVR, BCON; CPST; PEIX; VLNC; VSE)

I like James Altucher. We're both Buffett junkies. If you do a Google search for one of Warren's greatest quips "He lied like a finance minister [on the eve of a devaluation]", we've got the top three hits.
(there are only five in the truncated results, expanded, we both come up ahead of the 1988 Chairman's Letter to the Shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway!)
From Stockpickr:
Forget about technology stocks; forget about biotech stocks. Alternative energy stocks are the “new” growth stocks on Wall Street.

Investors are increasingly turning their attention to sectors such as wind, solar, fuel cells and even ethanol in search of the next big thing. The general public’s interest in these new technologies is so high that a new TV channel was created by Discovery (DISCA) that will focus on green initiatives and eco-friendly lifestyles....
... With this in mind, here are six alternative energy stocks that could go to zero:

Beacon Power (BCON): Beacon Power makes energy storage devices that use the flywheel-based technology. The financials at this company are deteriorating at an alarming rate. Recently, Beacon reported a first-quarter net loss of $5.29 million, vs. a net loss of $3.09 million a year ago. Revenues for the first quarter plunged sharply to $20,000, vs. $393,000 last year. That’s a drop investors shouldn’t ignore....More on BCON and the other five.