Saturday, August 9, 2008

Potash Corp. Headlines, Posts and the Stock

First up, from ClusterStock:
Potash (POT): Employee Strike Impact May Be Offset By Soaring Potash Prices

The United Steelworkers have commenced a strike after four days of mediation
did not resolve key contract issues. Unionized employees at Potash's (POT) Allan Division, Cory Division and Patience Lake Division began striking 6:30 p.m. (EST) August 7th. The affected facilities represent approximately 30% of POT's total annual potash output and about 5% of global demand.

Sounds like a major short-term problem, right? Not for uber-POT bull RBC. The bank is not yet concerned and refuses to adjust their financial forecast. Rising potash prices, they say, could solve everything:...MORE

From Market Folly:
Potash Corp. Sitting On Major Trendline
(click to enlarge) Market Folly has a couple paragraphs of commentary.

From Reuters:
Potash Corp says expansion continues amid strike

From the Ottawa Citizen:
Potash strike set to pinch tight supplies

From the Financial Post:
Potash Corp. buyback continues

Fertilizer Producers under Review

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