Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Outbreak Of Smart Cars Is Discovered In Harlem

These folks seem almost giddy. From NYC The Blog:

Blogger Harlem Fur recently came out of retirement to note one in his neighborhood. The story drew interest from blogs such as Uptown Flavor, Curbed, and myself.

Tuesday brought another fellow Internet savvy resident of Harlem, Miss Maura Mae into the mix, when she reported a spotting of the same Smart Car. Except wait a minute! It is not the same one noted above. Each are red, but have different state plates. One from New York, and one from Jersey. (boooo)

Yesterday morning I wrote that, "Hopefully I too will one day see the elusive Harlem Smart Car...">>>MORE

Smart Car Watch In Harlem Now Twice As Fun

More Smart Car Porn Below: