Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Don't Bet Against Wilbur Ross- Assured Guaranty (AGO)

On July 22 AGO got hammered, opening at $8.67, down from the prior day's $18.02 close. We posted "Wilbur Ross takes a beating on Assured Guaranty (AGO)" which quoted Notable Calls as saying : "..Notablecalls: I suspect AGO may be a buy here around $10 as...", it closed at $11.32. The stock drifted back down to $10.37 on the 28th and closed yesterday at $14.41.

All this is preamble (I know, emphasis on amble) to tomorrow's earnings release, 5:00 pm EDT, with the conference call Friday at 7:30 am.

Some of our posts on Mr. Ross may be of interest to commodities investors:

July 21 "Massey Points to $50 Billion Mergers on U.S. Coal"
July 16 "Seeing Oil Bubble, a Contrarian Bets on an Indian Airline"
July 2 "Wilbur Ross: Run-Up in Oil Prices Is a Bubble" which has a video that is worth your time.
Back in January we had "Billionaire to rescue of crisis-hit US insurer (ABK)":

If you are running a mismanaged monoline insurer you DO NOT want this man pulling into the parking lot. His presence means the jig's up and you're buffing that résumé. He is a VERY serious dude.

Wilbur Ross