Monday, March 29, 2021

Follow-Up: "Van Gogh painting, hidden for a century, sells for $15 million"

 From the New York Post, March 26:

It’s Van Gogh-ing … going … gone! 

For a cool $15.4 million, a newly unearthed Vincent Van Gogh masterpiece that was kept hidden by a French family for more than 100 years now has a new home. 

The pricey painting, titled “A Street Scene in Montmartre,” sold Thursday during an auction livestreamed from Paris. 

It trafficked exorbitantly high phone and online bids from art enthusiasts in the French capital, as well as in New York and Hong Kong.

Although Van Gogh’s freshly exhumed tour de force went for a little over $15 million, it initially fetched a staggering $16.47 million hammer offer. 

But auction house Sotheby’s experienced an unspecified glitch in its online bidding system that forced the vendors to redo the sale at the end of the event. The final — albeit lower — bid was accepted....


"An 1887 painting of Montmartre in Paris by Vincent Van Gogh is appearing on the market for the first time"
My first thought was "That's not Montmartre".
Then, "Oh" Things change....

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