Friday, March 26, 2021

Russia Pokes Fun At Egypt's Suez Canal Problem

From The Barents Observer:

Making fun of Suez traffic jam, Rosatom promotes Russia's Arctic route as an alternative

In a twitter thread, Russia's State Nuclear Energy Corporation makes big fun of the trouble for global shipping caused by the wedged cargo ship in the Suez canal and uses the opportunity highlight benefits of sailing the Northern Sea Route route between Asia and Europe.  

10 percent of global trade is shipped through Egypt’s 193 kilometers long Suez canal, connecting the Red Sea with the Mediterranean. Since Tuesday, the 400 meters “Ever Given” container ship has blocked the canal, spiking fear on oil prices and European industry’s dependence of on-time delivery of spear parts produced in Asia.

Rescue boats are working day-and-night trying to release the 224,000-ton vessel.   

In Moscow, Rosatom Thursday morning posted several tweets listing the favorable reasons to consider world shipping to look north for an alternative to the Suez Canal Route....


The Russians appear to be quite good at the Twitter trolling and they did the thread in English.

However, the last time the Russians made this pitch in 2018 the Egyptians fired right back:

September 2018
Shipping: Egypt (Suez Canal) Is A Bit Nervous About Russia's Northern Sea Route

Following on this morning's post, "Shipping: Venta Maersk Successfully Transits Russia's Northern Sea Route Becoming The First Container Ship To Do So", here's a story we've been waiting to link, from Egypt Today:
CAIRO – 29 August 2018: Although Maersk will be sending its Venta Maersk vessel to collect data from the Arctic sea route in the next few days, research has shown that the Suez Canal Route is more cost effective and will remain unaffected....