Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Bill Gates Did NOT Buy The $645 Million Hydrogen Powered Yacht

I remember seeing the story last summer at a couple of the shipping sites but decided to wait because it sounded a little 'off'. Now we see Japan's Yanmar is going ahead with their hydrogen propulsion system but there is no mention of a mega-yacht. More after the jump.

From the Daily Mail, February 8, 2020:

  • Bill Gates, 64, had been linked to the super yacht for his love of sailing and keen interest in green energy
  • In a statement, Sinot said claims the vessel's concept had been bought by Gates were 'factually incorrect' 
  • Aqua yacht is powered with liquid hydrogen stored in two tanks at -423F, meaning its only emission is water
  • Comes with space for 14 guests, a gym, yoga studio and massage parlour, and cascading pool on rear deck
  • Artist's impression of the boat along with a 10ft scale model were unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2019

The designers of the world's first hydrogen-fueled super yacht have denied the $645million vessel is going to Microsoft boss Bill Gates. 

The 370ft vessel, which only emits water, had been linked to Gates for his penchant for super yachts and his keen interest in technological solutions to climate change.

But Sinot, the designers of the concept ship, have since denied this is the case. 

The yacht, unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show last year, comprises five decks complete with space for 14 guests, 31 crew members, a gym, yoga studio, beauty room, massage parlor and cascading pool on its rear deck.

But its most impressive feature is locked away in the hold - two 28-ton vacuum-sealed tanks that are cooled to -423F (-253C) and filled with liquid hydrogen which powers the ship....



Mr. Gates does have some hydrogen interests, most recently one of his groups (along with Bezos et al), Breakthrough Energy Ventures invested in what is basically a research project: "Gates Fund Backs HyPro For $1/kg Green Hydrogen".

 And as for Yanmar, from Offshore Energy Biz, March 26:

Yanmar tests maritime hydrogen fuel cell system

They're still working on it.

I would like to see Bill peering out of the owners cockpit but that's not going to happen.